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If you’re not using a mobile point of sale system at your business, you’re losing money. Without a mobile POS, you’re using slower, riskier and totally obsolete business methods.

In this post, we’ve listed 3 ways your business is missing out without a handheld POS. To see what mobile point of sale systems can do for your business, keep reading.

Your Customer Transactions Take Way Too Many Steps

Is your staff still taking orders on paper? Not only is that very unfriendly to the environment, it’s inefficient and obsolete. We’ve had cell phone technology for over 20 years and everyone who walks into your business, your staff, customers, even yourself, all use electronic communication devices to make their lives easier.

If mobile communication is helpful in your personal life, why aren’t you using this technology in your business?

Think of how many steps your business can eliminate from every transaction. Normally, a server would write the order on their notepad, walk to the kitchen and/or bar, give them the paper, type it into the POS station. Only after all these steps are they finally free to check on other customers.

Imagine your servers doing all this in one step. They put the order into their mobile POS, which tells the kitchen and the bar and the cash register all they need to know, and they’re done. One step and then they’re on to the next table.

This is more than just convenient, it saves money on labor and makes more in sales.

Fewer servers can take on more customers. Customers are served faster and leave faster, allowing you to serve more customers in one day than you could before. With less walking around, servers can focus more on providing excellent service and selling add-ons.

You’re Letting Invaluable Analytics Slip Through Your Fingers

Mobile POS systems automatically collect valuable data and analytics about sales, labor, and inventory. You can use these analytics to track the success of your sales strategies and see where you need improvement. Find out which sales techniques work best for your business and adjust the ones that don’t.

Track employee hours and performance and view your inventory in real-time. It can even help you eliminate employee theft.

Mobile point of sale systems give you a direct overview of your business’s operations to help you meet your goals. It’s more convenient and more efficient than other point of sale systems. And it does all of these things from your pocket so it’s always at your fingertips.

Your Personal Cell Phone is Not Industrial Strength

A mobile POS isn’t just software, it’s also hardware. You may be able to run POS software on your phone, but your phone is not built for the job.

A mobile POS has job-specific, customizable features just for your business. They are water/shock/drop-resistant with a long-lasting, easy-to-change battery. You can add a scanner, card-reader or anything else you need for your business.

Speed up Your Business With a Mobile Point of Sale System

Stop losing money! Replace your obsolete business methods with a mobile point of sale system now.

Let us help you choose the right POS system for your needs. Contact us now to get started.