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Customers come into your restaurant to eat, but when they are done with the food, your job is just beginning. You can’t just let them leave and hope they return! Your restaurant needs to increase customer engagement through multiple channels over time.

Pros in the biz know all the tricks to get them back in for another meal. It all depends on how you treat them and the value-added services you’re offering. Here are some great tools you can use to increase your customer’s engagement with your restaurant.

Aloha Voice Surveys

Word of Mouth is one of the many ways a restaurant business will sink or swim. After they eat, they’re going to talk. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what they were saying?

With Customer Voice Surveys from EMS and Aloha, you can hear what they are saying. Conduct complex voice surveys with our computer managed interactive software. Allow your customers to give you feedback about their experience, in their own voice. No more guessing what they think, you will know.

Receive a complete digital report of your customer’s interactions with the survey. Aloha uses NCR’s advanced Pulse platform, which provides detailed real-time statistics.

Distinguish between customer “promoters” and “detractors.” Identify which aspects of their experience serves your business needs, and which aspects take away from them. Get the actual comments and suggestions straight from your customer’s lips to your ears.

Aloha Gift Cards

You know what makes a perfect gift? A delicious meal from your restaurant! Allow your customers to engage their friends and family by using Value Stored Gift Cards from Aloha.

Stored Value cards from Aloha make the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays or any day. Give your customer a reason to carry around a plastic card with your business name on it. Your business, in their pocket, all the time! They can use the valued stored cards at our POS terminals just like a regular credit card, except it’s got your business name on the front of the card.

Online Ordering and Take Out

Food is what you do. Customer experience and POS systems are what we do. Drop your business right into a fully functional online ordering, and delivery / take-out system from Aloha!

You can have a fully functional, professional ordering and delivery system ready for your drop in business branding. Aloha is a complete turnkey solution. You don’t have to resolve common, but high-tech, problems like driver routing and order email confirmation.

Loyalty Programs

Buy five of something, get one free! Sometimes, things just work, and customer loyalty programs are one of those things. But not all programs are built the same, and nothing works as well as the advanced Loyalty experiences from Aloha.

Another turnkey solution, just drop in your business branding and you’ll have a fully customizable, fully featured loyalty program that can be designed any way you want for your business.

Extend Customer Engagement

Customer engagement doesn’t end when the customer leaves the restaurant. It continues through value stored cards, promotions, surveys and other programs from Enterprise Merchant Solutions. The convenience of our advanced POS systems and customer engagement experiences allow you to get back to what you do best: running a restaurant.

EMS is the industry leader in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon for POS systems for restaurants and customer engagement products. Contact us today to learn more about how you can improve your restaurant.