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Are you a new business owner looking for the right cash-processing setup? Or are you looking for a better way to manage money for your current business?

Cash processing is a huge part of running a business, so you want to make sure you’re doing it right. Multiple methods exist, and some are more efficient than others.

While a traditional cash register may be your first thought, don’t stop there. Cash registers have many benefits, but a digital Portland POS (point of sale) system is even better.

Why, exactly, is POS better than a cash register? Keep reading and we’ll give you five great reasons.

1. Advanced Reporting and Analyzing

When it comes to reporting and analyzing data, POS systems offer more advanced options than a traditional cash register. This means you’ll be able to make better-educated decisions for your business.

These reports can tell you all sorts of things. These include sales by hour, how your inventory is performing, and more.

While a traditional cash register gives you some help with reports and analytics, a POS system provides more insight.

2. Option for Mobile

Thanks to the type of technology involved, POS can be used as a mobile system. Instead of purchasing the software outright, you’ll pay a monthly fee to use it.

This option is perfect if you tend to operate at farmers markets, conventions, or other areas that require mobile transactions. Instead of using a full terminal setup, you can access all you need from a tablet and the cloud.

3. Staff Management

POS systems allow you to manage staff right from the same system you use to handle purchases. No separate clock-in station or program is required.

You can also use your POS system to run reports on employee performance to help you make better staff-related decisions.

4. Checkout Marketing

With a POS system, you can do some basic but powerful marketing while customers are checking out.

Do you send out any marketing emails? Well, checkout is the ideal place to gather email addresses. Just enter them right into your POS system.

Depending on the POS system you choose, you may also have the ability to connect purchase history with emails for better, personalized marketing.

5. Streamlined Service

If you run a hotel or restaurant, a POS system can be very helpful. Reservations and orders can be made directly in the POS system, so you won’t need a separate setup. Simply perform those actions in the same system you use to complete transactions.

POS also helps with managing tables.

Purchase a Portland POS System Today

There are many benefits to choosing POS over a traditional cash register system. While they can be expensive, POS systems are powerful and modern.

If you’re looking for streamlined performance that gives you everything you need, look no farther than a Portland POS system. Once you’ve integrated it into your business, you’ll be at the top of your game.

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