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With more than 5 million debit cards in circulation today, your Oregon business will get left behind if you’re using an unreliable or outdated point of sale (POS) system. 

Today’s POS system incorporates a good mix of hardware and software. This means that your sales transactions are seamless.

If you feel like your system is outdated, there are a few sure signs that you need to upgrade your Oregon POS system. Read below to understand these signs. Then, you can contact a company that can install a new system for you. 

Sign #1: Your Oregon POS System Is Faulty And Unreliable

When your POS system is always sluggish and rebooting, it’s costing you more money than you can imagine. 

Today’s customer isn’t going to wait around several minutes for your machine to start back working. Further, they’ll most likely avoid doing business with you in the future. They may also leave a negative Yelp review, encouraging others to make the same decision. 

Assess how often your system fails you. Then, make the switch if this is becoming a problem. 

Sign #2: Your Costs Are Getting Out Of Hand

An Oregon POS system can be an investment, but that doesn’t mean you should have to pay an arm and a leg. 

The cost of your system depends on your industry and on the level of sophistication you need.

For instance, a grocery store might pay $49 per month subscription fees, or a $4,000 flat fee on the high end. Restaurants might pay between $700 for a standard system, and $2,000 for a system with more bells and whistles. 

Sign #3: Your System Is Not Up To Date With Technology

You’ll need to invest in a POS system that has features that take your company to the next level. 

Today’s POS system should be able to e-mail receipts, offer and execute gift cards and promo codes, and sign people up for marketing lists. Further, a high-end system will reduce employee turnover, which improves your business as a whole.

Sign #4: Your Online And Offline Store Aren’t Synced With Your POS System

In a world where people shop online more than ever, you need for your in-person POS system to sync with your online store. 

This way, you’ll better manage your inventory and allow people more shopping options. It’ll be easier to process returns between in-store buys and online orders. Plus, it increases your brand recognition. 

A store that doesn’t have synchronization between both platforms will only create more work and confusion.  

Sign #5: You Don’t Have Access To Stellar Customer Service

Finally, you need impeccable customer service with you POS system. 

Every second that your system is down loses you money. You’ll need 24-hour support, either by phone or web chat.  This way, you can get the system back up and running smoothly. 

Doing business with a company that has poor customer service costs you dearly. It often creates more problems than the system is worth. 

If you’d like to start shopping for some Oregon POS system products, get in touch with our company today.