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On the fence about switching to a POS system for your Alaska restaurant?

What if we told you that the right point of sale system can increase productivity and profits?

More and more restaurants, in Alaska and nationwide, are using POS systems. These systems can reduce human errors, help you keep track of sales and inventory, and help keep tabs on waitstaff performance. 

Here’s a quick rundown of five great reasons you need a restaurant POS in Alaska. 

1. Streamlined Service Means Happier Customers

Ultimately, providing your guests with good food and service is what matters. Anything you can do to increase customer satisfaction will drive business and increase revenue. 

A point of sale system will help. When orders can be electronically entered and immediately sent to the kitchen, it reduces wait time for food.

POS systems also mean it’s much easier for your waitstaff to keep track of and split tabs, which is a time-saver that increases customer satisfaction. 

2. Less Room for Human Error

Human errors happen less often when using a POS. 

POS systems allow for clear and systematic order entry. This can reduce the number or meals sent back for mistakes, saving money and time. 

Point of sale systems also reduce the likelihood of math errors. The software will calculate the total, and can automatically add any necessary taxes or gratuity. This means your customers get the correct tab – without the risk of calculation errors. 

3. Keep Track of Inventory 

Having the wrong inventory on hand is a costly mistake. Too little, and you risk losing out on sales. Too much, and you risk wasting food. 

POS systems can track inventory in real-time. This allows you to spend less time physically keep tracking. It means you can make faster decisions about when to order, how much to order, and how to properly plan specials to maximize the use of inventory.

4. More Accurate Sales Analysis

Analyzing your sales is much easier with the right POS. Use the data from the software to determine your best and slowest-selling dishes. Look at what upgrades customers are or aren’t asking for.

What days of the week and times are sales at their peak? What days are customers ordering seafood? What days do they order steak? What wines are they pairing with each dish?

You might feel you know these answers, but the aggregated data that a good POS provides can prove invaluable when it comes to planning specials and menus. 

5. Keep an Eye on Server Performance 

POS systems will let you keep an eye on waitstaff’s productivity and performance.

You’ll be able to see who on your team sells the most and who underperforms. The data can help you ascertain if there are times where you’re under or over-staffed. It can also provide information on how to bolster staff training. 

Of course, everyone hopes they won’t face employee theft. But, if it happens, the data from a POS can raise the red flag and let you catch it sooner than you otherwise might. 

Shopping for a Restaurant POS in Alaska? 

It’s easy to see how using the right POS can dramatically increase the productivity of your staff and restaurant. In turn, you’ll have happier customers and more profit. 

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