POS System on an iPad

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Choosing a restaurant POS system can be a daunting task, especially if you’re already used to your legacy system. Legacy systems, however, have a number of disadvantages. Besides, the way technology is trending these days, having a system that integrates with cloud-based technologies is probably your best bet. But how do you decide which features you would like in your restaurant POS system?

Depending on the size and type of restaurant you’re running you won’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles that come with a full-fledged POS system. There are certain things you should look at as far as you needs are concerned. Here are 6 of them:

1. Simplicity

One of the features of a good POS system is simplicity. You need a system that is easy to use and intuitive for your employees. Legacy systems have the unique disadvantage of a steep learning curve and complicated troubleshooting procedures. An easy to learn POS system will take a minimum amount of time to adapt to and integrate seamlessly with your business.

2. Automation

Any good modern restaurant POS system should be easily automatable. Depending on the size of your restaurant, you definitely won’t want individuals preparing your reports. Human beings are prone to error and leaving such responsibility to your employees simply decreases your control. A good restaurant POS system is going to make it easy for you to monitor your revenue and understand how your inventory moves so that you can make more intelligent purchasing decisions.

3. Scalability

You should aim for a POS system that will grow with your restaurant. A good POS system will be able to run on many terminals at once and support mobile POS devices. Another feature to look out for is speed and efficiency. A good POS system will be highly efficient and able to move patrons in and out of your restaurant as quickly and conveniently as possible. If you’re doing deliveries or are planning to in the near future the POS system should support that as well.

4. Analysis

The best restaurant POS systems have in-built analytical capabilities. These include looking at your sales performance as well as comparing the performance across different branches if you’re a franchise. Sometimes you might also want to collect customer information so that you can use them for such things as addresses for delivery, marketing and to keep track of loyalty programs. A good POS system should have all of these features.

5. Platform

The current Trend with POS technology is to be cloud-based. That means your system will be able to run from anywhere and will store all relevant data in the cloud. No need to have large and clumsy servers in your own business premises. Plus you can log in and check on the progress of your restaurant from anywhere. The platform should also be easily customizable so that you can adapt it to the specific conditions of your business.

6. Your Budget

This one comes last but it’s probably one of the most important. As much as you may want a lot of features you should consider your budget. You don’t have to break the bank to get the restaurant POS system of your dreams. Make sure that your yearly revenue is going to easily support the expenses of running a restaurant POS system without severely hurting your margins.


A restaurant POS system that makes the business more efficient will ultimately make it more profitable. Be sure to look out for these six factors the next time you’re shopping for a POS system.