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With the advent of technology, companies are seizing the opportunity to use the trend to enhance the way they operate. How do you know if your POS stands up to the ever-changing, demanding standards of the industry?

With many point-of-sales systems available, the top-rated Aloha POS system is one to contend with. However, how do you know if this system can help you get an increase in sales and productivity?

What You Need From a POS

As a business that is looking for a competitive edge, a means to increase efficiency and marketability can help get you with that. While many POS systems can seem similar, differences between them can set you apart from the rest by giving you what you need. Before you start wondering which POS to choose from, consider the following criteria when making a decision.


Nothing is more frustrating than looking back at records at the end of the day and realizing things are not adding up. POS systems may reduce human errors. That said, it’s important to check if the software stores information throughout the process, reducing confusion on the user’s end.


The POS software must lay out all of your options in a manner that is easy to understand and find. Complex interfaces can leave the users wasting time on looking through options for what they need to do. To prevent this, having a simple and consolidated interface can save time for both your staff and customers.


The more downtime a POS system has, the more loss in sales you incur. A tested and proven system that functions with little downtime for maintenance maximizes productivity. Doing this will maximize your sales potential and prevent customers from becoming discouraged to purchase because of inconvenience.


The best POS for you should be able to complete transactions in a safe and secured line. It should protect stored information too. Any breach of security could affect your business and those associated with it, so find a system that you can trust to do so.


As an owner, you know the exact requirements of your business and the system you choose should be able to reflect that. A system that is customizable to your business’ needs will be able to cover all the POS related processes and more, just how you need it.

You’ll need a POS that is easy to use and doesn’t run on a high-end desktop PC’s. The most versatile POS systems can function on laptops, tablets, and phones.

Online Solutions

Old POS systems function on a unit-by-unit basis. Once a POS unit breaks down, all its data is gone. You can prevent this kind of issue by shifting to a web-based POS instead.

This ensures you can access transaction information regardless of where you are. You can monitor sales and promotions from your phone or from a tablet.

Now that you know what you need, we’re ready to find a POS system that’s right for your company. With all the options available out there for you to choose from, you may not have to look far to find what you need.

This is where the Aloha POS system shines. Not only does it offer all these essentials but it has a few extra offers too.

What Aloha POS Offers

Aloha POS is a system developed by NCR, a global leader in hospitality technology solutions. You can rest assured that your business is in good hands and the following are reasons why the Aloha POS system is what you’re looking for.

Ways It Improves

With the promise of quality, the system has functionality that allows you to provide the efficiency and consistency that your customers expect from your products and services. To help you understand the potential that the Aloha POS system has to offer, here are the seven ways that it can improve your business.

One major improvement is its ability to cater to multiple credit card types. Recent studies show transactions made with unique cards increased and your POS needs to be able to handle these payment methods.

Intuitive Functionality

The system allows for an efficient way of streamlining the order input. It allows for intuitive substitutions for combo items, while it decreases errors that happen through the processes. With this, you can provide accurate service every time.

Powerful Graphical Interfaces

The Aloha POS system has a graphical interface that covers the essentials of your business, especially if it is a large restaurant chain that requires their systems to adjust to a variety of different products and product combinations. With the system, you won’t have to feel restrained with what your company offers just because your POS can’t meet your needs.

Managerial Tools

There are tools that are available to ensure that options are only given to authorized individuals. By allowing different levels of access for staff, the system stays secure by giving access to system administrators while still allowing individuals to only do what they need to do.

Marketing Feedback

An important feature of every POS system is its ability to provide comprehensive reports used to make business decisions which can help improve your business. Without this feature, it would be hard to make projections and analysis of sales.

Fast Maintenance

For the few times that the system may need repair, you can rest assured that this won’t hinder your business. With swift maintenance for your POS system by skilled technicians, you can continue to feel comfortable knowing that you’ll always be ready for the worse case scenarios.

Promotions Ready

It’s important to have a POS that manages your shop’s different promotions. These can include discounts and coupons. Also, the integration of customer-loyalty programs can encourage your customers to come back for more.

Get the Aloha POS System Now

With all the requirements of a good POS system, it makes it easier to understand what your company needs. It’s important that you get accuracy, convenience, reliability, security, versatility, and marketability. With the functions that the Aloha POS system has to offer, it covers all these requirements.

Would you want to know more about this POS system? Do you have questions about other solutions for you? Contact us today to learn more and give the Aloha POS system a try!