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If you are running a business which deals with products that are transacted on a daily basis, then you must have opted for a POS system to keep a record of your transactions. Such a system will do away the need for regular bills and deal with the proceedings in an eco-friendly manner. However, because of the dependency on a POS system for business transactions, it is crucial to ensure you have the optimal POS system for smooth and efficient business interactions. Your POS system has the potential to be a bottleneck or source of inefficiency if it is outdated. Some of signs that tell you it’s time to change your POS system will include:

1. There is no connection between your offline and online business

Recently, online business stores have opened their very own brick-and-mortar stores and vice versa. Retail approaches via multiple channels has become a necessity to take a business to new heights. But most people are facing problems in which there are no connections between the offline and the online stores related to their business. They can no longer continue with their multi-channel retail approach as a result of this problem.

2. The POS software for old platforms requires expensive updates to support the system

It is important to keep your POS software updated to the latest version. This will enable the proper functioning of the system. Many updates are free-of-cost while some require payments to support it. However, if you find that the software updates are costing you a lot of money, you need to consider switching the software.

3. The user experience of the POS system is out of date

Most retailers and staffs expect their gadget to work fast and smoothly. They are relying their business on the functionality of the machine. If the device cannot perform at the optimal level, these business officials will simply abandon the gadget and look for an alternative option. In a busy business environment, the shopkeeper will certainly not waste much time in solving out the problem with the POS system. Therefore the user interface of your POS system is required to be optimized at all times.

4. Real-time visualization of your business performance cannot be done

Real-time data is required to keep a track of the sales, fine-tuning of the promotions and optimization of the stock level. This can be accomplished with a set of analytics KPIs such as staff performance, gross sales and per client transaction value. Making these parameters visible will allow easy access from tablets, laptops and even smart phones. With the help of such a technology, a business person can analyze each of these parameters and compare it with the previous records. If you cannot visualize these records in real-time because of your obsolete POS system, then you should consider opting for a new one.

5. The hardware is large and takes too much space

Recent technological advancements have made the POS hardware more compact resulting in saving more space in the store. Tablet POSs are the latest outcome of such advancement. If you opt for such hardware or application like mPOS running on normal phones, you can carry the POS system around in the store and make bills at any point.

6. Tracking sales data or customer history is difficult

If you want to stay in the competition among your peers and attract new customers every day, it is extremely important that you keep a track of the day-today information that is being generated. Keeping a track of the stock, transactions being made and the details of the customers involved in the transactions are always beneficial for the business. You can store such vital information in your POS system provided the software provides you with such facilities. If it does not do so, consider replacing your POS system.

7. Difficulty in managing the physical store and web-shop together

You might be having a hundred stores and have trouble handling them all together. However, you can control all of them through your POS system. All you need to do is update the necessary information, prices of the products, business deals in your system which will be conveyed to all the stores. If your POS system does not support such facilities, it is high time you should opt for a new one.

8. Problem in updating loyalty program

If you want to have a fruitful loyalty program for your business make sure you proceed with it in a correct manner. The new age behavior-based loyalty depends on your POS system to a greater extent since the system has all the data regarding purchase history, transactions, and sales. Your POS system should enable you to have an efficient loyalty program at the minimal cost. This will act as a boost for your business profits.

These are some of the reasons that might make you consider replacing your POS system and go for a new one. The most updated Alaska POS system is available in our store. You can have a look into multiple products before making the right choice.