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Building a successful restaurant business is tough, especially with 9,923 other eat and drink locations active in 2016 in the state of Oregon alone. It’s a huge enterprise, with almost 200,000 foodservice jobs this year (10% of state employment) and over $7.8 billion in sales last year.

In short: Your restaurant has to be optimized for maximum revenue.

For instance, you use your restaurant management software daily. However, did you know that this software can be used to grow your restaurant?

Here’s a list of 8 ways your restaurant can flourish because of your POS system.

1. Online Ordering and Reservations

Of course, the top way your restaurant management software can improve your restaurant is by offering online options to order and reserve seats.

In a fast world run by the Internet, it only makes sense to join in the frenzy. As a restaurant, you’re a vital part of a person’s day and social experience. Therefore, you want to remove any barriers between you and the potential customer.

This means having an online menu where people can order what they want, then have it be picked up or delivered with a minimal transaction.

Order from a mobile device, pay via phone, and even reserving a place in the restaurant before they’re even there are all great features to include in your restaurant experience.

2. AI and Analytics

Finally, you have the ability to monitor and analyze real-time customer and order data from the comfort of your in-house system. For the sake of your restaurant, you should get management software with advanced choices for AI and analytics.

The reason being is you can get statistics and reports as quickly as they are processed, relayed straight to your device.

This allows for you and your staff to enhanced customer experience in that specific experience. Insanely helpful for growing your business is word of mouth; if you ensure people leave feeling satisfied, they will tell others to go to your restaurant.

Advanced analytics and fast artificial intelligence aid you with this satisfaction.

3. Checkout Speeds are Immediately Faster

In addition to online ordering and paying, in-house restaurant checkouts have been rapidly improved recently. People can pay their bill without having to ask their server; rather, they use the POS system that’s right on their table.

They can leave customized tips, take surveys on their experience, and pay via card. Also, if they feel inclined, they can order extra food and drinks from the screen. Gone are the days where customers have to get their server’s attention constantly.

Just check out, pay, and go. Simple as that.

Or, if you have a magnetic secure transmission in your POS system, the customer can easily hold their card or phone over the reader.

One click and they’re good; the transaction details are recorded instantaneously.

4. Kill the Lines

Waiting in line is a major killer of potential sales. People simply don’t want to waste their time waiting to be seated.

However, with new technology, they can order while they’re patiently paused in the process. This becomes extremely helpful in peak times for fast-casual restaurants, as it will prevent lost sales due to the lines.

With happier customers who can order from the front of the restaurant, their food gets to them quickly after they’re seated and they leave with a great experience.

Better time equals better reviews equals repeat customers.

5. Easy Inventory Tracking

This is a really cool feature your restaurant management software can have. You can track your inventory in real-time, keeping you in the know for when you have to replenish your stock.

Up until last year, this benefit was given to only a few restaurants; now, it’s becoming more the norm. Never run out of reserves and keep customers happy by providing your entire menu all the time.

6. Add Loyalty Programs

Another huge aspect of attracting more customers is through marketing. Did you know your restaurant management software can enhance your marketing efforts too?

Loyalty programs are tremendous for creating repeat customers who love your food and drink and overall experience. With this program, you can create a customer database, which will help you make future marketing material.

Specialized discounts and data-built menus provide loyal customers with an enriched time at your restaurant.

And that fact is invaluable.

7. Smart Algorithms Improve Restaurant Efficiency

Algorithms are the key to POS system success.

Soon, restaurant management software will have the brain to predict what customers will order next, integrate all in-house software, and suggest specials for certain people.

The technology surrounding restaurants thrive on algorithms that focus on people’s tendencies and desires. Just like artificial intelligence and analytics, algorithms are vital to the wellbeing of a restaurant these days.

So make sure your systems are equipped with the latest software and tech to optimize your sales and customer loyalty.

8. Cloud Software Allows for More Guests

Be ready – the future of restaurants is already here. And it’s cloud software.

Originally a storage platform for education and other formal organizations, the cloud is now for everybody and everything, restaurants included. All of your data – the real-time statistics from your analytics software – is stored in a secure cloud.

This allows you to keep tabs on every aspect of your dining establishment.

With extended data storage in a restaurant, you can collect more information on more customers. Your guests will become clearer to predict, making the experience for both your staff and the customers unbelievably easier.

From your safe, private cloud, you can pull particular points in a day or week, plus you can see where you’re making profits (and not making profits).

Cloud software is amazing for your personal life, so why not use it to create a booming restaurant business?

Use Your Restaurant Management Software for Business Growth

Take these tips and implement them into your restaurant’s POS systems. It will cause your eat and drink establishment to grow like crazy and result in additional profits and happy customers.

If you think you need to upgrade or change your restaurant management software, check out this post to see whether it’s time to make the switch. Stay locked in on EMS for all your restaurant POS advice.