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Top-notch food. Flawless service. From the hand-selected menus to the stylish decor, no detail goes unnoticed. But these are not the only reasons some restaurants earn their rightful place at the top of the best restaurant list.

Part of the efficiency and quality service restaurant patrons experience also has a great deal to do with what goes on behind the scenes. And by behind the scenes, we mean the efficiency of your restaurant’s POS system.

A reliable POS system ensures that both the internal and external elements of your restaurant’s operations are running smoothly. That’s why the Aloha POS systems are regarded as one of the best operational solutions out there.

Continue reading to learn why it’s the number one choice for Portland restaurants.

Top Reasons to Choose Aloha POS Systems

Aloha POS systems are used by more than 80,000 restaurants worldwide – which prove how truly valuable a transaction system it is. And because it was developed by experienced restaurant operations professionals, each transaction area is thoughtfully created to meet your every need.

It can be used both for table service or quick service, manage bar orders, divide and split tips evenly, and change food orders with ease. Its cloud application abilities also create reports, manage labor, run analytics reports, online orders, and remotely manages office transactions.

1. Secure More Payment Transactions

Ensuring each payment is processed quickly and securely provides a seamless experience for your customers. And the added security of both PCI and EMV protection help give everyone peace of mind with their payment transactions.

2. Make Menu Changes with Ease

Take charge of your menu wherever, and whenever, you want to. Add, delete, or edit menu items with a click of a button. The Aloha POS also allows you to change prices and promotions with ease.

3. Reduce Training Time

Because the Aloha POS system is one of the most popular programs used by restaurants around the world, your servers and cashiers won’t need extra training. In turn, this will save you both time and money.

4. Maximize Mobile Options

Give your customers the ability to make orders and payments in a fast and efficient way without compromising a quality experience. Enhance their experience by also offering loyalty cards, special promotions, and gift card options to help make them feel more appreciated.

5. Use the Best Software Available

Depending on your restaurant’s needs, you have multiple options to choose from with the Aloha POS systems. Just a few examples are:

  • Large color 15″ LED screens
  • Spill-resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Fanless designs
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • Biometric fingerprint reader
  • 2D imager for barcodes or QR codes
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Serial ports

These are just a handful of hardware options to choose from. Remember to consider what features are most beneficial to your restaurant before you make your selection.

Ready to Implement the Best POS System Out There?

We hope you were able to make an informed decision with our helpful article about Aloha POS systems. For more great POS tips and solutions, remember to visit our blog for the latest industry news. Contact us today to let us know how we can best help you reach your goals!