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You know firsthand just how quickly things change in the restaurant industry.

And if you don’t keep up with these changes?

You’ll likely be forced to shutter in a few short months.

Thanks to advances in technology, it’s now more possible than ever to learn more about your customers and use that feedback to improve the way you do business.

In this post, you’ll learn more about 2018’s biggest restaurant point of sale software trends — and how your restaurant can leverage them to improve profits, communication, and overall customer experience.

Mobile Ordering

One of the biggest 2018 trends when it comes to restaurant point of sale software?

Mobile ordering point-of-sale tablets that allow your restaurant to completely reshape the ordering and serving experience.

Instead of having to write down those tricky substitutions or orders and run the risk of something getting lost in translation (or sloppy handwriting?)

With a mobile tablet, your servers can take care of all orders table-side with the simple push of a button. Any add-ons can be clicked, preferences about proteins and cooking temperature can be selected, and orders can be quickly and clearly confirmed with the customer.

Additionally, these tablets eliminate the need for stressful and disruptive running back and forth to and from the kitchen. Instead of having a waiter shout an order through to the kitchen, the mobile tablet simply sends the information to the kitchen itself.

This will help you to turn tables faster and will ensure that your customers are completely satisfied with their meal — no need to give out free drinks and desserts to make up for errors.

Of course, table-side dining isn’t the only way to get the most out of these tablets.

It’s not exactly a secret that most people hate waiting in line.

Mobile tablets allow your staff to take the orders of people while they wait. This means that often, by the time they make it to the register to pay, their meal will already be waiting for them.

Suspicious Activity Alerts

You want to be able to trust your employees, and feel confident in your own abilities to hire the right kind of people to work at your restaurant.

However, with 75% of employees saying that they’ve stolen something from their place of work at least once, it might be time to put some better monitoring practices into place.

Still, you’d like to keep these tactics subtle, which is what the next item on our list of trends in restaurant point of sale software is all about.

Employee theft deterrence and POS monitoring systems will save you serious cash and help you to sleep better at night.

You’ll have access to real-time transaction monitoring, which will help you to quickly identify any suspicious activity faster than ever before. You’ll also get alerts and updates when transactions are voided after close, and get notifications when a higher level of comps than normal appear.

The POS software will even provide you with updates about industry-wide theft patterns, so you know exactly what to look for. Plus, you’ll also be able to monitor employee productivity and inventory levels, which will help you to quickly identify a potential problem.

Customer Voice Surveys

If you want to improve the way your restaurant is run and learn about which menu items to keep and which ones to cut?

There’s no better or more efficient way to find out what your customers really think than by providing them with a customer survey.

However, gone are the days when the best way to ask a customer for a survey was by tucking a cute postcard into the bill.

Now, things have gone digital — and customer feedback surveys are a huge trend in restaurant point of sale software.

After a meal, you can create a survey for diners that asks them to rate their overall experience from one to ten.

Then, you can ask them to rank more specific factors, like their likelihood of coming back, their favorite menu items, and even the quality of the service they received.

Didn’t quite get that high rating you were hoping for?

Don’t worry.

In addition to the number ranking system, the survey will also allow customers to write in more specific comments. If you get an especially low rating, you’ll receive a notification so you can follow up with the customer.

Social Media Through POS Surveys

Even better?

These surveys can actively encourage your customers to share their love of your restaurant with their friends and followers on social media. If someone rates your restaurant over a 9, they’ll be directed to your restaurant’s social media pages at the end of the survey.

This allows you to create unique and engaged brand champions, making it easier than ever to reward loyal customers while bringing in new ones at the same time.

Which Restaurant Point of Sale Software Trend Will You Use?

Whether you’re asking for customer feedback, ensuring you get the order right the first time, or taking a proactive approach to employee theft, the right POS software can make your job easier than ever.

However, don’t rely on inexperienced, complicated POS software systems when it comes to your restaurant. Instead, look for systems that focus on hospitality, visibility, and seamless, safe transactions.

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