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About Enterprise Merchant Solutions

Enterprise Merchant Solutions (EMS) is a certified Aloha Point-of-Sale business partner for NCR’s Hospitality division, servicing Washington, Oregon, and Alaska.  We are a locally operated professional services business, building long-term relationships with our clients.

We focus exclusively on the Pacific Northwest local restaurant community and support our Aloha Point-of-Sale clients nationally, as they expand their operations into new markets.

Our experience implementing and supporting the Aloha Point-of-Sale system goes back over 20+ years, and our client portfolio includes a wide range of restaurant concepts from counter-service to fine-dining.

Whether you are a single-unit small restaurant that needs Silver Pro, a Cloud iPad based POS, or a medium or large replicating restaurant enterprise that needs the Aloha POS, we have the knowledge, experience, and solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Give us a call, and allow us the opportunity to see how we might be of service to you!


Focus, Approach, and People



Provide easy-to-use, reliable, and cost-effective point-of-sales solutions to the small and mid-size restaurant operators to help increase their operational efficiencies, and ultimately deliver a better overall guest experience.


Partner with our clients to implement a more effective and tailored point-of-sale system, along with cost-effective on-going support service.


Team members are skilled, certified, professional, and dedicated to delivering measurable results from the initial sales process, through implementation, and into on-going support.


Vision Mission and Values



Be known as the most trusted and best value point-of-sale provider in our local markets


Continually work on providing a more consistent, efficient, and sustainable solution to our clients


  • Thorough and transparent with our stakeholders
  • Respect and honor all stakeholders
  • Decisions for the benefit of all our stakeholders
  • Fair exchange in value with all stakeholders

Business Objective

  • Create long-term relationships with our stakeholders
  • Develop our employees
  • Create new jobs
  • Enhance the community