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Running a restaurant is hard work. Making a restaurant a success is even harder. Given that over 50% of food spending is in restaurants, there is a lot of competition out there.

One of the core things you need to be able to deliver is a dining experience that is both enjoyable, and memorable.

Are your customers remembering their time in your business fondly?

Are you getting the most out of your Alaska POS system, to adequately engage with your customer base?

A lot of people have yet to see how a high-quality POS system can help them engage with customers, and also generate great feedback from them.

If this is you, then keep on reading, because we are going to look at the different ways you can implement your POS to engage with your customers.

Use Your Alaska POS to Get the Best Engagement With Customers

A lot of people think that the retail experience ends once you decide to make your purchase. After all, your mind is made up, and you are going to spend your money at that business.

What great business minds realize is that emphasizing customer engagement at the moment of sale is just as important, if not more so, than before their decisions are made.

Everybody knows a business wants a customer’s money before they decide to give it to them. By going that extra mile, and engaging with a customer after the fact, as they are paying and effectively leaving your business, is a way to show them you care.

It shows that you value their patronage and want to see them back again.

POS engagement is a great way to not only round off a transaction but to prove to your customers that they mean something to you and your business.

Get Customer Insight into Your Business

We live in a world where social media and technology effectively run our lives. Customers arrive at your restaurant, and they check in on their phones. They leave and different apps and devices start asking them for their feedback.

Yet, are you, as a business actively engaging with them at the POS moment to get their feedback?

There are plenty of ways to engage with customers to get their insights into your business, and they start with your Alaska POS moment.

Feedback Buttons Are a Simple and Anonymous Way to Gather Data

Feedback is everywhere. You can barely walk into a bathroom anymore without being offered an array of smiley faces to indicate your feedback on the bathroom.

Lots of people are hesitant to give feedback to a business at that moment in time. They don’t want to cause a scene or be heard to give an opinion that could differ to the rest.

By integrating an anonymous feedback indicator into your Alaska POS system, you can easily and effectively gather quality feedback information from your customers.

Embrace Technology to Expand Your POS Options

People love a hassle-free experience. They don’t want to have to stand in line waiting to pay their bill after eating at your restaurant.

So why not make sure your Alaska POS offers a range of payment methods? For instance, you can allow customers to settle their bill at their table.

People like convenience, and with our ever-increasing embrace of technology, they are now looking to be able to make payments with their smartphones, their tablets, and any other device they can think of that could handle such demands.

To successfully engage with customers at the POS moment, you need to have a POS system that embraces these tech options and gives customers the chance to embrace them also.

For many people, the fact that such a service is available, whether they use it or not, is a win. Offering this will help establish your reputation for delivering a quality customer experience.

Offer Something in Return to Earn Customer Loyalty

People love being made to feel special. If you can find some way to incorporate giving back into your Alaska POS moment then you are onto a winner.

Give customers the chance to gain something, and you will surely see an increased engagement as well as an uptick in customer morale. Some examples include:

  • Loyalty schemes
  • A free meal in exchange for feedback
  • A points system that can be used to get discounts on future visits

There are numerous ways that you can look to engage with your customers at the POS moment. Customer loyalty and a positive reputation are hard-earned, but every effort you take is worth it for your business.

A POS System Starts at the Beginning of the Customer Experience

Many people think that the Alaska POS experience starts and ends with settling the bill. However, it really starts from the moment your customer arrives or makes a booking.

Allow customers to book seats, or even a table online. Link their reservation to an account, and offer them mobile-driven ordering. Not only does this mean they are not interrupted by wait staff offering to take their order, but they can do everything at their speed when they are ready.

You can also allow them to complete their orders, and make payment at any moment in time, from their table, hands-free. This means they are free to enjoy their meal and relax in the atmosphere you are creating.

An all-around experience starts and ends with an engaging POS system.

Successful Customer Engagement Will Drive Your Business Forward

Engaging with your customer base is key in today’s corporate world. People like to be heard and like to know that their opinions matter. They want to be given a voice, and for you, as a restaurant owner, their feedback will be invaluable to you.

When you are ready to take your engagement to the next level, install an Alaska POS that will take you there.

To learn more, get in touch with us.

We have a range of services that can help you get the most out of your customer experience. We understand the importance of good POS engagement, and we are ready to work together with you to make your business a market leader!