Aloha gift cards

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There’s nothing better than opening up a card and seeing a bright and shiny gift card starting back at you.

Everyone loves gift cards as a gift; after all, it’s like free money. But what if your gift card could do more for you?

If you’re looking to customize your marketing initiatives, grow your brand, and increase your sales, then setting up Aloha gift cards and our Point of Service System is your perfect solution.

Did you know that the majority of gift card users spend 38% beyond the value of the card? As a business owner, that means extra cash in your pocket.

Aloha gift cards are the ideal way to grow your business and reward your loyal customers; keep reading to find out how. 

Grab your wallet, we’re getting started. 

5 Benefits of Using Aloha Gift Cards

If you’re looking for a gift card system to use in your business, check out the top 5 benefits of why so many businesses and customers love Aloha gift cards. 

1. It Promotes Return Customers

If you’re an eCommerce store or a restaurant, you’ll love selling Aloha gift cards to your customers and so will they!

It’s so easy to add additional cash to your card so you can keep using it—and they’ll want to because you have the opportunity to reward them with special promotions for using their card. 

2. It’s Easy to Implement

These gift cards are fully customizable meaning you design them and implement them however you want. We make it EASY. 

The Aloha POS system easy integrates with the Aloha gift cards which means less work for you and your business–it’s all handled on one system!

It’s all managed on the Aloha system with real-time reporting, and rest assured, your customer’s information is always safe.

3. Target Your Customers

One of the best things about Aloha gift cards is the ability to understand your customer’s buying trends and allow you to retarget them in the future with special offers.

Targeting your ideal customers through specific campaigns leads to a higher response rate. 

4. It’s a Reliable Revenue Source

As a business owner, the Aloha system is a great marketing solution.

The sale of gift cards is an awesome additional revenue stream for e-commerce businesses and restaurants. Now that your customer can keep adding to their balance, it means recurring income for you. 

Aloha gift cards make it easy for your customers to give them out to their friends and family, which works like a referral system. 

5. It’s Easy to Use

As a customer, you want a gift card that is easy to use. With Aloha gift cards, you can easily manage and check your balance and even add money. 

It can be even used at different locations and franchises.

Switch to Aloha Gift Cards

Are you convinced that Aloha gift cards are the way to go to promote your business? Get started with the Aloha Point of Service System and grow your business today. 

Contact us today and let’s get you up and running in no time.