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Looking to improve sales and get business booming for your restaurant or bar? Wondering what you can do without having to shell out serious money for something new? Have you considered whether you’re getting the most out of your POS printer?

We know what you may be thinking. Your POS system might’ve been at the end of your to-do list when you set out to make improvements in your restaurant.

After all, it serves its purpose, and it does it well. It keeps your business afloat and sailing smooth.

But did you know that your POS receipts matter more than you may think?

Every single receipt is an opportunity to increase revenue. If you’re looking to boost sales AND make the most out of your receipts, this article is for you!

Develop Solid Business Practices

It’s hard to remember how restaurants functioned on hand-written orders and manual receipts. You’re reminded of this every night when your POS printer releases a summary of the night’s sales…

… And the night’s credit card transactions. And deliveries. And how many pizzas you sold compared to burgers.

POS systems are every restaurant’s dream. They’re the epitome of organization, punctuality, and success.

They’re cost-effective investments that will pay themselves as your business runs faster. And they’re broken down even for the most technologically-challenged!

Customers Love POS Systems

Your patrons appreciate the speed and efficiency of your POS system. That’s because your POS gets their orders through more clearly and fixes error in no time.

People like to see that your system is up-to-date with the times. There’s nothing wrong with the old-fashioned, straightforward, and bland receipt.

But there’s no way around it: POS systems are faster and better than the outdated conventional cash registers.

And if you want to compete, you’ve got to show you’re willing to put in the time and money for only the best system.

Installing a POS and training your employees to use it will pay off. When the customer is happy, they return. And they tell their friends and families, too!

Flaunt Your Company’s Logo

Chances are you’ve devoted a lot of time and money into your logo. You most likely pay a lot to advertise that logo, too.

If you haven’t already worked your logo onto your POS printer receipts, pay attention.

Every receipt is like an advertisement that can end up in an array of places. Whether thrown away on the street or tucked away in someone’s wallet, every printed receipt is a subtle advertisement.

Free Advertising with Every Transaction!

When people see your logo even on a small piece of paper, they’re seeing your business. Which means you could hypothetically advertise in an infinite number of places.

Will your receipts wind up in the trash? Realistically, yes. That’s just the nature of receipts (and take it as a good sign that people enjoyed your food and didn’t want refunds).

But receipts don’t always end up in landfills. There’ll be moments when people see your logo on a tossed away receipt somewhere.

When this happens, people will suddenly feel hungry for your food. And in these moments, your POS printer will have served you well.

So, show off your logo and give even the smallest and most trivial piece of paper a bit of oomph.

Feature Special Promotions & Coupons

Looking to kick start a special promotion for your restaurant, but not sure how to go about it? Got a special event coming up and trying to get the word out about it?

Though some people are quick to throw away their receipts, they won’t be if the receipts are useful. When you feature promotions and coupons on your POS printer receipts, it means people are likely to save them.

Which means future business for you!

You can pay to advertise special promotions in local newspapers or magazines. You can even advertise for free on your social media business accounts.

Those are great ways to advertise, certainly. But there’s no better advertisement than a guaranteed one right in the customer’s hand!

They’ll see your promotion or coupon every time they reach into their wallets or purses. They’ll get excited when they clean out their pockets or the crammed cup holders in their cars. When they’re hungry and see that you’re having a happy hour special that night, they’ll know what they want for dinner.

Advertise & Promote Strategically

For the most part, people look at their restaurant receipts (unless they don’t tip). If they see something on the coupon that’s highlighted or stands out, they’ll pay attention.

It’s simple logic to promote a coupon on the bottom of a receipt. After all, customers will need to be able to fold it or cut the coupon from the receipt.

For coupons, don’t forget to include an expiration date and a coupon number. You should also disclaim that conditions apply, if necessary.

Send Customers to Your Website & Social Media

These days, businesses need online followings. Especially restaurants.

In 2016, 44% of small businesses relied on social media for brand awareness. In the same report, 41% of them also relied on social media to increase revenue.

There are several ways to promote your restaurant’s website and social media accounts. But did you know that you can promote your website and social media right on your receipts?

As mentioned, POS printer receipts are free advertisements. If you’re looking to promote business through your new Instagram page or updated website, let patrons know! After all, there’s no better or cheaper way to than on your receipts.

Get Clever with the Wording

It’s common for restaurants to promote their social media pages on receipts nowadays. But some sayings are becoming outdated. And in fact, some just seem downright desperate!

Be wary of saying something like “Follow Us at…” or “Like Us at…”. They’re outdated, and people have been conditioned to ignore them.

Instead, you can phrase your promotion as something like, “Give Us Your Feedback at…” or “Leave Us Your Thoughts at…”

Try phrasing something more encouraging like “Check Out Future Specials on…” or “See What’s Cooking on..”

Give your latest and greatest dishes and beverages the attention they deserve! Let customers know you’re online and generate more opportunities to generate feedback.

Don’t Forget to Mention Your Mobile Features!

If your business has an online booking or a mobile app, you can also let your customers know on your receipts. This is also a good and cost-effective way to announce and launch any new mobile features in the future.

Enhance Your POS Printer Receipts & Boost Sales!

The POS system has revolutionized the way restaurants function. It not only keeps restaurants running smooth and successful.

It’s transformed the boring restaurant check into a promotional powerhouse!

By taking advantage of your POS printer, you can advertise your restaurant with every transaction. Learn more about POS system practices with Enterprise Merchant Solutions.