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With 50% of people not carrying cash when they go out, you’ve got to have a reliable POS system for processing credit cards.

With an Aloha POS system, you have so many options that it’s easy to forget just how many benefits you have. With the latest Aloha POS systems, you can quickly process credit cards to keep your checkout line moving.

Here are the 3 most important ways a new POS system can improve your credit card processing.

1. No One Has Cash

Having a reliable credit card system is a must in this era. Almost no one is carrying around cash anymore and so you have to assume everyone who comes through the door is paying with a card.

Millennials are social diners and will order big meals but they’re also notorious for splitting checks. With an outdated system, you’ll be trying to either calculate individual items or struggling to run multiple cards for the same transaction. An updated Aloha POS system will make it easy to split checks.

With an efficient credit card system, you also take the load off the shoulders of your already burdened waitstaff. Rather than make their lives harder, use an Aloha POS system.

2. Give Your Customers Options

Speed is everything when you’re in the sales or food service industry. Customers want to be able to customize everything they buy and then pay for it quickly. An Aloha POS system helps keep your customer’s orders organized, no matter how detailed they are.

Once they pay on a credit card, they can get an itemized receipt that outlines everything they ordered. If there’s an issue or an overcharge, the POS system quickly processes a refund. Your customers will be able to get everything they need and have their order processed quickly without having to re-swipe any cards with Aloha POS.

3. Keep Your Line Moving

Because you can keep multiple orders open at the same time, you can keep your lines moving. The ability to keep multiple orders open allows you to add an item to one customer’s bill while you process payment for another. Rather than the impatient tapping on the counter while people wait for a card to go through, you’ll hear “thank you” as people walk away happy.

No matter what industry you’re in, you’re going to have moments that are fast-paced and busy combined with moments that are slow. Rather than have everyone clearing out their checks when they leave, you can swipe their cards when they order so that you can cash them out quickly. You’ll save yourself having a bunch of grumpy people trying to leave at the end of the night and instead keep things on your own schedule.

An Aloha POS System Has a Lot of Potential

When you work with an Aloha POS system, you’ll quickly see how much better your customer experiences are. You’ll keep people cycling through your checkout line without even realizing there is a line.

If you’re considering upgrading to a mobile POS system, check out our guide to find out more.