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We’ve all wanted to walk out of an establishment because of poor service and 60% of consumers have not made an intended purchase because of the experience. What if you could capture and retain that lost business?

Let us show you how Aloha POS solutions can improve your operations and ensure top-notch guest experience, every time.

Guests expect speedy and seamless service from the moment they make their first contact online, by telephone or at the host desk. A delay in seating customers, offering the menu, taking the order, bringing the food or the bill, can ruin the customer experience.

Wrangle Walkaways

Watching potential customers walk away due to long wait times and dissatisfied service is a difficult sight, especially whenever rush periods occur. Nobody has the time to wait in long lines. Sometimes delays are unpreventable but for a superior guest experience,

  • Be prepared
  • Be honest
  • Be hospitable

If there is already a line of customers waiting and you are staring at empty seats because you have no staff to serve them or enough prep to make their orders then your information system has already let you down. Front of house management needs good information to predict and plan for your guests.

Once you are aware that it might take another hour to seat new customers, good management will let the customers know. It is always better to surprise your guests with a shorter wait time than disappointing them with a longer one.

Your Aloha POS system puts information like the number of guests, average turn time and total guest check details in front of you immediately, even via your mobile.

Keep your customers in place by offering your waiting guests a chair, a beverage and a nibble. Offering a bite on the house is a time-honored way to keep customers happy, but even without freebies, keeping everyone comfortable is the goal. With mobile ordering through Aloha POS, your servers can circulate through your waiting area and transmit orders directly to the bar or kitchen without leaving the guest.

Once your guest is seated, the delay clock is running. Delays in taking the order, delivering drinks or getting the correct food to the table are deadly to great guest experience.

The right POS system allows your management, bar, and kitchen to work together in sequence to bring your guests back.

Give the team the right goods!

Every restaurant has had to “86” an item at least once. A restaurant that consistently operates without basic inventory is a restaurant on the way to failure. A restaurant without enough smallwares, food or beverage inventories experiences depressed sales, lackluster performance, increased risk of sanitation lapses, theft, and poor employee satisfaction.

Giving your employees the goods they need to give great service, means that they will never be forced to cut corners, make excuses to guests or work twice as hard for results. It may seem obvious, but giving your customer what they want is difficult if you are out of inventory!

An Aloha POS inventory module makes it easy to spot sales trends, monitor inventory and predict adequate but not excessive stock levels.

Control Order Errors

Upgrading to a mobile POS system enhances customer satisfaction, as 68% of customers find server handheld tablets have improved their dining experience.

Instead of writing or memorizing an order, following up with two or more tables, picking up a drink order and then going to the POS, servers can use mobile technology to enter orders right from the table. This can save minutes (and mistakes) between customers placing their order and the kitchen actually receiving the order.

From table timings, to what menu items are suggested, out of stock or contain allergens, to taking payment right at the table with pre-suggested tip amounts, mobile POS eliminates miscommunicated orders due to poor handwriting and memory lapses between table and POS. With a kitchen video production display or printer, your POS system ensures understanding.

Don’t Delay When a Customer Wants to Pay

Today’s Aloha POS prevents delays in presenting the check or receiving payment. Cash, EMV chip credit cards, gift cards, and even personal checks are all commonly used today. Make sure that there is no annoying delay by using your mobile POS or handheld EMV chip readers to accept payment at the table, immediately.

Go the Extra Mile for Guests

Great guest service starts with the little things – such as saying hello, smiling, and addressing the regular guest by name. Aloha POS software can help take ordinary service (a server checking in with guests like they are supposed to!) to memorable — the FOH manager checks in after the entree is served to the table and acknowledges a regular and loyal customer with a personal birthday wish or small extra.

Additionally, with the option to receive an email receipt, POS system data is not just used to help restaurant owners recall their guests’ names at the time of a visit but also build targeted email campaigns, text promotions and special recommendations of new foods or beverages based on previous visits.

Carry the Dining Experience Out

Your on-the-go customers will appreciate having the ability to make reservations, place orders, and engage with your establishment from their phones.

Online ordering, payment, takeout, and delivery services are also a strong way to engage and extend your dining guests. DoorDash, the national technology company used by the top 100 restaurant brands to power their on-demand deliver business announced integration plans for Aloha POS in 2017.

Reward Your Team for Exceeding Expectations

Create an employee rewards program tailored to data. Sales goals aren’t the only measurement. If you are looking for ways to innovate or uplift your service program, your POS system can ask for feedback immediately!

Why are you Waiting?

People have clearly come to expect certain conveniences when they dine-such as speedy service, personalization, loyalty tracking, and engagement. The truly successful restaurants are the ones delivering a “wow” guest experience seamlessly and at every touch point.

Contact us today so that we can show you how Aloha POS can improve your operations and bottom line though great guest experience.