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How can you ensure your restaurant is fully protected? A POS system not only makes transactions easier but can also cut down on theft.

As a restaurant owner, you know your customers come back for the great food, but they don’t know what happens behind the scenes.

What happens if your restaurant falls victim to a data breach?

The best way to protect your assets, and keep cost low for customers, is to up your POS security. Cybercrime is on the rise as everything is done through technology these days.

Hackers are becoming more brazen, leaving their tracks nearly untraceable. Catch their attempts before they can cause any havoc with our helpful tips.

Ready to find out what they are?

Here we go!

Replace Older POS Systems

Thieves and hackers look for older systems as they make the best targets. When software isn’t upgraded regularly, the system becomes penetrable.

This creates “holes” that hackers can get into and exploit. The point of updating software is to close those “holes” and install patches that have identified a system’s vulnerabilities.

That was just the software. Now let’s talk about the environment of your POS system.

To increase POS security, it’s best to have that system where it’s not easily accessible by customers. Having it in the front of the restaurant is great for convenience but not when it comes to theft.

Anyone can walk in, see that the terminal is unmanned, and take it with them without any witnesses.

If there’s no other place to have that system, make sure it’s attached to a secure base. It can be bolted to the table it’s on already or attach it to a stand that can be latched onto the table.

It’s all about being wary of what is easily accessible. Criminals are becoming more imaginative so taking extra precaution when it comes to POS security is a must.

Add Security Cameras

Restaurants often make easy targets for criminals. This is because there aren’t a lot of employees. Criminals strike when there aren’t a lot of people and it’s near a busy highway.

It’s easier for them to overpower one or two people and to get away in an area that has a high volume of traffic. There are too many people that won’t notice anything suspicious.

To prevent a crime from happening, it’s best to install security cameras. That’ll be the first thing criminals look for. If they see a good amount of them around, they’ll think twice about their crime.

Add security cameras near and around the POS system. Just be sure it’s not directly recording all the PIN numbers and other sensitive information entered.

Remember, only you, the owner, should have access to the security cameras. You don’t want to compromise recorded information by sharing the access with employees.

Accept Mobile Pay

With technology evolving into what it is today, there are more security measures taken. Phones that allow for mobile pay create that extra layer of security.

Unlike a credit card, there are no numbers to be recorded. You won’t have access to their credit card numbers.

It’s safer and puts your customers at ease when they’re able to pay that way. The good news for you is that it helps reduce fraud. Criminals won’t be able to make a purchase like they would if they’ve stolen a credit card.

Most POS terminals will either have a way to accept mobile pay already integrated into the system or there are add-on devices that can be connected to the terminal.

Install Antivirus Protection Software

Another layer of protection is to install antivirus software. This will seek out potential threats and eliminate them before they occur.

While some protection software is on the pricey side, it’s the best investment you can make. They’ll offer different packages that protect against different threats.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your POS security is performing to the fullest.

Disable Access to the Internet

While a POS system should be strictly used to make transactions, it can also access the internet. When using the internet on a terminal, it exposes it to potential threats.

Any click on a suspicious link can open your records up to be found by hackers. Once they get ahold of that information, it’s hard to get it back.

Don’t allow yourself or your employees to gain access to the internet through the POS system.

Be Cautious of Employees

Sometimes, the criminals who steal are ones we know. While you expect your employees to be trustworthy, some turn out not to be.

Employee theft accounts for 4% of lost sales. When you add your profits up for the end of the year, that percentage takes a huge chunk away.

You can never be too cautious about who’s operating your POS system. If you suspect someone is stealing, the best way to know is if there’s any manipulation of their transactions. This could be in the form of a lot of voided checks or missing tips.

Make sure to keep records of every recorded action by staff members. If you start to notice an unusual pattern, take it up with the staff member immediately.

If they’re standoffish or too nervous to answer questions about the POS system, they could be responsible for those lost wages. It’s wise to educate all staff on what to look out for.

When operating the POS system, employees need to be aware of what malicious content looks like and the kind of harm it can do. They also need to be on the lookout for their coworkers as well. If they notice any suspicious behavior, they need to report to you right away.

Wrapping Up on POS Security

Being sure your POS systems are secure is vital to protecting you and your customers. If your wages are compromised, you lose more than just money. It can hurt your reputation to where customers will feel unsafe conducting business with you.

Don’t let that happen. Trust the experts when it comes to the best POS system out there.

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