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If you love your iPad you aren’t alone. We love to work and read and enjoy all the benefits of staying connected with our iPad.

But many business owners wonder if they should use an iPad POS system to satisfy their needs. Can iPad deliver the same quality that traditional business hardware offers?

The answer is no. They aren’t the same. An iPad POS system is actually superior for many business owners.

While they aren’t right for every business, iPad has unique capabilities to address the needs of your customers and track data to help your business grow.

We will show you how:

Time Equals Money

We all know the old business adage that time equals money. But with changing consumer spending habits it’s more important than ever to make the sale.

A consumer can pick up their own smartphone and order an item online unless you get to them first.

And in restaurant settings or retail, you don’t want you employees walking back and forth for more information or support. An iPad allows them to close a sale, take an order, or receive more information immediately.

You’ll streamline sales with iPad.

Training Capabilities

Let’s face it. iPad is a great design because they are intuitive and easy to use.

That ease transfers to training time. Many of your employees are already familiar with Apple systems.

And if they aren’t, an iPad POS system is user-friendly. You won’t waste valuable operating time on lengthy training or costly mistakes.

Staying Mobile

Small business owners and managers are on the go. This might mean attending offsite conventions, closing business at customer sites, or staying mobile inside your brick and mortar store.

You need to be where your customers are. An iPad POS system makes it easy to bring the best technology benefits to your client base.

It doesn’t matter if you are a restaurant taking orders, a retail store, or a mobile enterprise. You can always be where your business takes you.

Business Leaders Rely on iPad

What better endorsement for iPad than the knowledge that business leaders use the devices to fuel their sales effectively?

Commercial leaders like JCPenney use iPad systems because it makes their employees mobile and customer friendly.

Plus, we all know that the corporate giant needs the best data and analytics to fuel business decisions.

You and your employees will have all the same benefits when you use a POS system with iPad technology.

Finding the Best iPad POS System

Once you understand all the benefits of an iPad POS system it is important you find the best services to back up those hardware capabilities.

Enterprise Merchant Solutions can help.

A locally operated professional services business in the Pacific Northwest, we build long-term relationships with our clients.

In addition, we support our Aloha Point-of-Sale clients nationally as they expand their operations into new markets.

Don’t wait to get the benefits of an iPad system for your POS needs.

Contact Enterprise Merchant Solutions now and learn more about how our services can help your business operate more efficiently starting today.