theft prevention

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As a business owner, you want to see the best in your employees and create a positive team behind your company.

No one wants to think of their employees as potential thieves!

Thinking about your employees stealing from your can be an unsettling thought. Unfortunately, the reality is that most businesses deal with employee theft at some point.

According to a survey done in 2013 of over 500 retail and service industry employees, 95% of employees have stolen from their employers.

That means the chances of your employees already having stolen from you are high. In fact, in 2012 71,095 dishonest employees were apprehended.

Make It Stop

So, how to keep your business a place free of theft?

Theft prevention of course.

Incorporating proper inventory software can greatly reduce employee theft. It will also let your employees know that you are aware of every single item under your business’ roof.

Here are some of the benefits of using the software.

The Personal

Investigating whether someone has been stealing from you can be extremely difficult and awkward. People are often accused when they aren’t guilty, while the person who actually stole gets off with no consequences.

It can be complicated to pinpoint the thief. Even security cameras can be fooled. Security cameras have blind spots. They also have removable magnetic tags that employees can fuss with.

Enter: POS prevention software. By using software solutions to eliminate employee theft, you can find out exactly who did what when. It can detect suspicious inventory patterns during specific shifts. It knows who logged in and what numbers were entered.

You can eliminate potential accusation mistakes by using great prevention software. Keeping your business free of wrongful accusation makes for a happy workplace.

Theft Will Happen Less

Using prevention software can help increase visibility. It will even improve the accuracy of inventory and cycle counts. This can aid managers and shift leaders in noticing any discrepancies in the numbers.

When it comes to management, using pen and paper is a thing of the past. Using Inventory Software has proven to lower theft in businesses. When 44% of all inventory loss for retailers in the U.S. is due to theft, something needs to be done.

Deter It With Theft Prevention

Though you won’t be able to monitor every transaction that occurs in your business, you can monitor a large portion of them.

There are audit and theft control systems available to deter your employees from even trying to steal by using POS prevention.

When employees know you have prevention software that’s capable of catching them out, they most likely won’t even try it. If you’d like to keep your software a secret, you can do so as well.

The new software will bring the power of artificial intelligence and pair it with POS transactional data. This way, you’ll get insights on the internal goings on of your business.

By using programs that can help you with preventing theft, you will suffer less loss. It can also create an atmosphere of responsibility and accountability in your workplace.

When you’re ready for the optimal POS system and more information on how to create a system privy to theft prevention, click here!