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If you’re in a business that requires a cash flow handle, you face two options: a cash register or a point of sale computer systems.

Although the end result will be the same, they have different functions.

Keep reading to find out exactly what they are.

Overview of Cash Registers

Although in the new technological age cash registers might seem a bit outdated, they’re still widely used.

Cash registers get the job done without the need of extra configurations or applications.

A cash register rings up items, calculates sales tax, stores receipts, and prints out a report at the end of the day. They are perfect for small businesses that don’t deal with a lot of inventory.

Although they may seem simple or even outdated, some cash registers can add extra hardware such as a credit card reader and a scanner.

Overview of Point of Sale System

Point of sale systems, or POS for short, offers the basic functions of a cash register plus more added features.

Many businesses use POS systems because of the extensive reports and information the system stores.

POS systems exist in two categories, traditional and mobile. Traditional POS systems have been around for some time and you can find them in full-service restaurants and department stores.

Mobile POS systems have been around for a short amount of time, but they’re increasing in popularity. You have probably seen them in some coffee shops or eateries.

They use an iPad or tablet instead of the full computer version.

Reasons to Use a Cash Register

If you operate a small business with limited inventory, your best option is a cash register.

Unlike some of the more advanced POS systems, cash registers are quite affordable. You won’t have to spend a fortune to get it off the ground.

For only a couple hundred, you’ll be able to process cash transactions and run reports at the end of the day.

Also, cash registers have a reputation for having a long lifespan. If you get a quality cash register, you’ll be able to operate it for years to come.

Reasons to Use a Point of Sale Computer System

If you want a cash register and business management put together, then you need a POS.

Some of the features of a POS include staff management, detailed inventory reports, customer loyalty programs, and more.

With a POS, you can ring up a customer and ask them to join a mailing list for rewards. This will help you keep track of new and returning customers.

These are only a few of the things you can accomplish with a POS system.

Cash Register vs POS: Which is Right For You

Deciding between cash registers and a point of sale computer system starts by putting your business needs first.

Both options have pros and cons, so you need to decide which will bring you more benefits.

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