NCR POS Hardware

ncr-xr7-aloha POS hardware

Run your operations on NCR’s built-for-purpose POS hardware. Our hardware is designed to endure harsh and high transaction environments, so your business can keep running. We also offer a variety of peripherals, such as scanners, cash drawers and printers, to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a single terminal or multiple terminals with customer facing displays, we’ve got you covered.

p1532 Terminal

The NCR P1532 POS terminal helps you serve customers quickly and efficiently, every day of the year. Built to endure the harsh restaurant environment, NCR P1532 will never let you down. NCR’s newest generation of open retail platforms is faster, well-connected and uses less power than previous models. The terminal’s value and consistent performance makes it the ideal terminal for multi-year roll-outs.

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P1535 Terminal

The 1535 Terminal is the latest generation of open hospitality platform from NCR that is faster, more energy efficient, and provides more connectivity, so all of your front and back of house operations are integrated. When you have insight into all of your operations, you can make better business decisions and help your staff deliver an exceptional experience for your customers.

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N3000 Server

The NCR N3000 server is the latest fit-for-purpose back office solution designed to support and maximize an operator’s long-term investment by securely storing important sales, inventory and system configuration data. With the combination of reliable solid-state components typically found in NCR’s point-of-sale products and the performance of industry standard PC technology, this powerful hardware enables the high and ongoing uptime that your hospitality business needs.

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S500 Server

NCR’s latest offering in the NCR Site Controller line is the NCR S500 platform. Building on the success of its predecessors, the S500 platform provides an industry standard computing platform for site and file servers. Utilizing Intel’s latest micro-architecture, the S500 employs a 14 nm manufacturing process, hyper-threading, multiple cores, and memory controller integration onto the processor. Keeping with the NCR goal of long-life products, the S500 platform has been sourced to provide a long life relative to the PC market, where platform changes every 6 months are common.

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NCR DLI8 Tablet

Backed by powerful and reliable Intel® technology, the NCR DLI8 tablet gives you the flexibility you need to serve your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. The NCR DLI8’s can be used in a variety of ways, including line busting and tableside ordering for your employees and video conferencing and photographing inventory for your managers.

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The NCR RealPOS™ XR7

The NCR RealPOS™ XR7 represents the latest evolution of design and function for point-of-sale terminals. The RealPOS XR7 helps you control costs, operate more efficiently and engage your guests to drive sales…and look good doing it. Its sleek modern design incorporates industrial grade materials to withstand the harsh restaurant environment. Inside the slim profile is an energy-efficient powerhouse with amazing processing capacity that goes beyond any POS in the market.

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