Introducing a new model for buying and maintaining your point of sale. Instead of buying a system upfront, make all-inclusive monthly payments and benefit from the low initial investment. Achieve peace of mind, freedom and flexibility with NCR Aloha POS as a Service – managing technology has never been so easy.

Access the same state-of-the art POS technology and services for a low initial payment and monthly fee.

The rent versus own decision has become so important a subscription business model has emerged. As consumers, employees and company owners, we are all increasingly choosing subscription services over buying products because they offer greater convenience, lower costs and more options.

Subscription Model Includes:

  • Industry leading POS used by thousands of restaurants everywhere
  • Keep your technology up to date – get new hardware every five years
  • Predictable monthly fee – easily budget for expenses
  • Flexible program – easily add or remove products to modify your solution
  • Hardware maintenance, Software Maintenance and Call center – at no extra fee
  • No Contract Terms – only a 30-day cancelation notice to cancel
  • NCR maintains responsibility to provide Network Security Services through the firewall