How to get a successful restaurant POS system roll-out

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Have you ever given any thought to how your favorite eatery is able to obtain your order, make your food, and serve you a hot meal in mere minutes, day in and day out, while simultaneously adhering to the appetites of other numerous hungry patrons?

Most individuals aren’t keen on the intricate inner workings of a restaurant. However, anyone who has ever worked in the industry knows how many steps it takes to go from a patron ordering his or her appetizer to receiving their dessert.

Thankfully, technology has proven a huge help in making this process easier and more efficient. In a restaurant, since every second counts when it comes to delivering delicious food hot and in a hurry, the assistance of today’s computer software is critical.

Restaurants rely on Point of Sale (POS) software as a way to streamline their inventory, ordering, and overall operations on a day to day basis. These point of sale systems are a fairly recent addition to the retail world today, but they’re proving to be one of its biggest assets.

Even still, successful restaurant POS system roll-out requires a little knowledge and know-how to combat potential logistical challenges along the way. Here are a few tips to achieve success when launching a new POS system.


Choosing the right type of POS is the first step in avoiding any potential pitfalls. Aloha POS provides different POS solutions for many different types of restaurants, for example Silver Pro for small cafes and Aloha for larger table service restaurants. Success is knowing what capabilities and characteristics are most important to your eatery. All good systems should be easy to use, efficient, reliable, work quickly, assess analytics, and monitor inventory. However, beyond that, the specific needs should be based on the particulars of the restaurant.


A POS provider should work with you to asses, refine, plan and deploy the new POS system. By using measures of success, the POS provider can provide the client with a system that will meet their needs and continue to keep them successful. These key measures of success may include creating timelines, milestones and assigning appropriate resources to implement a successful system install.


Once installed, there may be potential moves or changes within the business that require a system to function change with the evolving nature of the operation. For example, plans for a remodel or a need to relocate a register may arise, and a good POS system should be able to work with these potential changes, whether anticipated or not.

Technical Support

Inevitably all systems have variables that can cause system failures, but if there’s quality technical support at any time of day, at any moment, these unwanted glitches won’t hamper business. A successful POS system roll-out will have support on hand 24/7 with technicians that can assist in fixing unintended break-downs as well as any software updates, initial set-up questions, and/or tips for improved functionality.

The easiest and best way to ensure successful POS roll-out is to explore the options and see which system is right for you and your restaurant.