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Recent studies show that 77% of businesses are happy with their Point of Sale (POS) software.

However, with about 37% of businesses saying they spend more than their budget initially allowed for on POS software, it may be time for a change.

Whether you already have POS restaurant software, are considering getting some for the first time, or just want to upgrade your current system, you need to know how to use its data to your advantage.

In this post, we’re going to share with you how you can use your POS restaurant data to increase the profits of and make smarter decisions for your Oregon restaurant.

Figure Out What’s Working

We know that owning and running a restaurant is a major investment.

You should use the data from your POS software/devices to ensure that you’re not sinking money into things that your customers don’t really want or need.

Instead, figure out what your guests love the most about your establishment – popular menu items, brunch specials, cocktails, even times of day!

You’ll be able to not only track their order history but even the specific menu items they enjoy. This can really help in promoting customer loyalty through recognition of your biggest patrons.

You’ll also be able to create awesome email campaigns and even social media posts designed to promote your most popular products. Been a while since a frequent customer placed an order? Now, you’ll be able to know it – and send them a discount coupon to win back their business.

Figure Out Who’s Working

Of course, your waitstaff and cooks are the bread and butter of your restaurant business.

But if you’ve noticed that productivity is way down, or that you’ve gotten a few complaints about your employees and diner’s wait time, you can use your data to figure out what’s going on.

You’ll be able to see the productivity of specific servers, decide if you’ve hired too many or too few employees, and even figure out who is the most deserving of a promotion.

You can even take a look at who has been giving out excessive discounts, seems to be voiding lots of transactions, and more. This will help you ensure that your restaurant runs as smooth as possible.

Test Out New Specials And Menu Items

If you’re considering upgrading your menu, or even offering online-only specials and menu items, the data in your POS system will help you to make sure it’s worth it.

You can actively test the success of potential new items by creating a kind of “test run” for your restaurant.

You’ll be able to see whether your patrons love or hate these new menu items – so you don’t accidentally replace an old favorite.

Ready To Use POS Restaurant Software In Your Business?

Now that you know how you can use the data from your POS software to improve your restaurant, what else are you waiting for?

Check out our website to learn more about how your Oregon restaurant can seriously benefit from our POS systems and services.