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Is your restaurant running as smoothly as it could be?

If you’re not sure that the answer is “yes,” a web-based POS system could be the answer. A new POS system can streamline sales, helping things run faster and better at your establishment.

Not sure if a web based POS system is right for you? Let’s take a closer look – this guide will help you make the right choice.

What is a Web Based POS System?

A web based POS system processes payments over the internet, rather than over a server or software. Everything happens online, instead of on the computer you’re using.

This means that all your transaction history and information is automatically stored online, too. If something happens to your computer or hardware, you can still access your information on the cloud.

You can log in to view this information anytime, from anywhere. Your transaction history and other information is no longer tied to a physical location. You’ll also be able to run the web based POS system from a phone or tablet if you want.

This reduces the amount of space your register needs to take up, and opens up new opportunities for portable sales like a food truck. You can even take payments from more than one location, making sales go faster.

What is the Cloud?

Storing things on the “cloud” means they’re saved on the internet. That’s just another way of talking about online information storage.

Sometimes, you’ll hear “cloud-based POS system” instead of “web based POS system,” but both mean the same thing. Things on the cloud are stored online, not on the device they’re being accessed from.

Web Versus Traditional Systems

What makes the web based POS different from a traditional system? Let’s take a closer look.

Using a cloud based POS means you won’t need the complicated traditional server systems used to take credit cards. This removes the need for a license for traditional POS software, which can be expensive.

Many web-based systems also don’t charge annual fees, which can save your company even more money. Web-based systems operate like apps on your phone, usually: the software updates will be formatted as app updates, keeping things current with no hassle.

These systems also tend to be very secure. Just because something is online doesn’t mean that your information is out there for everyone to see. The cloud based POS will have protections in place for your valuable information.

Benefits of a Web Based POS System

Are these web-based systems right for your restaurant? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

1. Streamline Multiple Locations

Storing your sale information on the cloud is ideal for restaurants that have more than one location.

This way, all of your information is available at all of your locations, anytime you need it. You can standardize systems at each location, compare sales data, and view the information for each location from anywhere.

2. Avoid Fees

Many traditional POS systems come attached to fees for monthly or annual use. A lot of web-based systems avoid fees, making them less expensive in the long run.

3. Offline Use

If your Wi-Fi cuts out, most web-based systems can still be used in offline mode. This way, the credit card transactions you process during this time will automatically go through as soon as the internet is up and running again.

4. Speed Things Up

Customers hate waiting in line to pay. You can speed up the process with a web-based system that takes multiple forms of payment.

Things like Apple Pay are easily compatible with many web-based systems, so customers don’t have to dig through their wallets for cash or credit cards. These web-based systems also often process credit cards faster than traditional systems do.

5. Take Payments Anywhere

With web-based systems, your restaurant staff can take payments right at the table with a tablet or smartphone if need be. This can help reduce slow-downs due to multiple employees needing the same POS station at once.

6. Track Your Sales

Going on vacation, but want to know how business is going while you’re gone? Log in and track your sales information online no matter where you’re at. You’ll get updated, real-time information with a web based POS system.

7. Manage Inventory

These web-based systems are also great for keeping track of inventory.

You can manage your inventory from anywhere, as well as viewing transaction history information. This helps you know that you have the right stock on hand and lets you order more before you run out.

If you have multiple locations, you can see which location sells which items faster, and make adjustments accordingly.

8. Increase Security

Surprisingly, cloud-based systems are often more secure than traditional systems.

Devices and servers can be hacked by outsiders – or even employees. Web-based systems include precautions to make hacking nearly impossible. These systems wouldn’t be successful if they could be easily hacked, so you can trust that they’re secure.

9. Save Money on Updates

Most web-based systems offer free updates as needed. You won’t need to pay to upgrade in-house software or maintain servers with IT staff. Technical support is easy to find through the online POS host you choose.

10. Fast Installation

Not sure if you have the time to install a whole new system? Fortunately, these web-based systems offer quick, easy installation.

Traditional systems can take hours to install, slowing down business operations. You’ll probably have invested in pricey hardware for traditional systems, only to find yourself on the line with customer support, again and again, to get it set up.

With a cloud-based POS system, installation is designed to be quick and simple. You don’t need specific hardware, just a device that can connect to the internet. The installation is minimal, and once things are installed, there’s not much you need to do to keep them going.

Want to Try a Web Based POS System?

Are you ready to try one of these online systems for yourself?

We know that once you make the change, you’ll love conducting your restaurant transactions online. It’s easy, convenient, and inexpensive. You’ll stay organized and might even increase your profits.

If you have a traditional POS that you love, you may want to stick with it. But if you’re looking to update your system, or starting out fresh with a new restaurant, a cloud-based system could be the way to go.

We can help you manage your POS information for a more effective business! Contact us today to learn how.