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Congratulations on opening a new restaurant! Or, at the very least choosing a new point of sale system! The decision can be tough as there is a variety to choose from. 

We’re going to take a look at the top benefits of choosing the Aloha POS system and why it should be at the top of your list of potential point of sale systems. Keep reading for more information! 

Ease of Use

Some point of sale systems are notoriously difficult to use and learn. Aloha is not one of those systems and is quite intuitive. Each section of your menu can be broken down in various ways to accommodate the style of your restaurant.

Aloha offers many ways to modify an item so that customers receive exactly what they want every time. There is very little need for servers to run to the kitchen to explain any type of order.

Tip Sharing Capabilities

Whether your restaurant is a fine dining establishment or a casual, laid-back bistro, the staff likely shares tips in some fashion. This could include pooling all tips to split evenly or tipping out a percentage to busboys, back waiters, the hosting team, or maybe even the kitchen.

Instead of relying on a manager or shift lead to determine which person gets what amount, each server’s end of night receipt will have all tipped teams listed with the amount they receive from that person.

This ensures that all parties are tipped fairly according to your restaurant’s policy and that waitstaff isn’t standing around for their final payout. 

Check Splitting

Even the most high-end restaurants will have tables that request a split ticket–and this will happen regardless of the policies you have in place. 

To make things a bit easier, the Aloha POS system automatically has seat numbers associated with each table. You can add people or skip an empty seat based on the individual table’s layout. 

Because each order requires a seat number, staff can easily group entire orders by the person, couple, or party at the table. When it is time for the table’s check, the server has the option of printing one, combining a few, or printing all bills separately.

Loyalty Programs and Gift Cards

Most every restaurant offers gift cards, especially around the holidays. These little pieces of plastic allow for the collection of payment upfront while possibly bringing new customers through the door. Depending on the denomination of the gift card, the recipients may spend well over that amount. 

Loyalty programs allow for returning customers to be given discounts or free menu items because of their continued patronage.

Both of these programs drive new and recurring business and Aloha POS system allows for it to happen!

Why Choose Aloha POS System?

The real question is why wouldn’t you choose the Aloha POS system! There are numerous benefits other than the ones listed here–but these will keep both customers and staff happy. 

No matter what point of sale system you decide, always make sure that it has the ability to drive your business. 

If you’d like some more key features to look for in your next point of sale system, check out this blog article!