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You want your restaurant to offer gift cards. And you have customers who want to purchase gift cards. But you don’t have a good gift card system in place!

It’s frustrating, we know. 

Fortunately, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’re gonna go over the many reasons why you should partner with, and offer Aloha gift cards.

Because once you have an efficient and easy-to-manage system in place, you’ll be able to really take advantage of everything that gift cards have to offer your restaurant’s business.

Sound good? Well, keep reading to find out more!

What Is the Aloha Program?

Aloha offers fully customizable programs for selling restaurant gift cards. They assist you with the design and rollout of the gift card program, as well as providing assistance to help maintain the program once it’s up and running.

They work with you to find the tailor-made gift card program that you need to increase sales. They also help to increase the reach of your brand far beyond the physical location of your restaurant.

Market Like a Pro

Aloha gift card programs allow your restaurant to effectively market itself both inside and outside the walls of the establishment. 

Think about it – when a customer who loves the restaurant buys a gift card and gives it to someone, they are basically becoming a brand ambassador for you. 

That’s free advertising, and it’s by word-of-mouth, which is one of the most effective forms. 

With the Aloha system, you’ll also be able to target specific offers, based on your customers’ behavior. That will potentially turn into a higher response rate. 

What’s great is, you don’t have to stop at offering only one type of card. You can also create additional (predictable) revenue based on the multiple different types of cards you offer.

Scalability Made Easy

You can use the Aloha gift card program in a variety of locations and franchises, and even different businesses within the same corporation. It can be activated in multiple locations instantly, and without the installation of additional hardware.

The multi-settlement tools within the program provide automatic transfer, verification and reconciling capabilities at any linked location. 

Guest Experience Improvements

And to avoid confusion, customers will be able to access their gift card balances online. They’ll also be able to see their balances on their receipts in-store. 

Through Aloha, customers will be offered a wide array of refund types too.

Easily Managed and Maintained

You’ll be able to easily see when and where the gift cards are used, as well as the specific purchase and purchase amount.

And on top of that, Aloha provides real-time reporting across all linked restaurants on your account. 

Aloha Gift Cards Are An Easy Choice

As you can see, Aloha gift cards and the Aloha gift card program are an easy and effective way to offer gift cards. 

They provide you and your restaurant with a streamlined way to offer, accept and monitor gift cards. And they help your customers give you free advertising!

If you have any questions, contact us today!